New year promotions

Dear lovely client!

We hope you are enjoying the holiday season.

As you are getting ready for the year, enjoy our 2024 offers

Pay only $2024 and you can choose from the following …

  1.  Get 2 Morpheus 8 face and neck , 2 LED treatment and one FREE IPL
  2. Hair restoration package : get 3 PRP hair restoration and 2 hair Vitamin infusion microneedling.
  3. Get 4 sessions of FULL body laser hair removal
  4. get monthly facials/ chemical peels for a full year and receive 2 IPL face and neck FREE
  5. Intimacy package: get 2 vaginal RF and 4 sessions of brazilian laser hair removal
  6. Purchse $ 2300 gift card and pay only $2024
  7. Get our signature facial monthly and receive Alumier Prep and enhance kit for FREE ( $395.5 value )
  8. Acne package: get one morpheus 8 face, 4 chemical peels sessions, 4 LED blue light therapy and receive Alumier Acne clarifiying gel cleanser, Alumier acne balancing serum and Alumier Clear shield SPF
  9. Get 50 units of Botox and 3 fillers syringes
  10. Slim me package: receive 5 lipolysis cocktail injections ( 10 CC each ) and 2 body fx for full stomach

Choose more than one packege out of the 10 options listed above and receive $100 gift card for each extra choice ( for example: if you choose 2 packages, you will receive $100 towards any treatment, if you choose 4 packages, you will receive 3 gift cards $100 each …etc)

Choose for yourself and gift another package to a friend or a family member and receive Alumier Clay mask with a facial cloth.

Please remember, you can always use our Beautifi third party and pay a monthly payment instead of paying in full upfront. Link attached to apply online Beautifi Financing – Monthly Payment Options | Revive MD (

Offers expires Jan 30th, 2024


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