Urinary Incontinence

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Urinary Incontinence

Loss of bladder control is a common and an embarrassing problem. The severity ranges from occasionally leaking urine when you cough or sneeze to having an urge to urinate that’s so sudden and strong you can’t get to the toilet fast enough.


  • Stress incontinence – coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising and lifting heavy objects.
  • Urge incontinence – intense urge to urinate followed by involuntary urine loss
  • Overflow incontinence – frequent and constant dribbling due to bladder not emptying properly
  • Functional incontinence – Physical or mental impairment ie: severe arthritis, inability to unbutton pants in a timely manner
  • Mixed incontinence – you experience one or more of the above incontinence

Urinary incontinence can have a dramatic impact on your life and therefore discussing this problem with a health professional is key. Don’t limit your activities and social interactions we are here to help.


First you need to have a consultation with one of our experts to make sure you are a good candidate.

Once approved for the procedure, you will be given instructions on how to prepare for it.

With your primary care provider’s approval, you need to stop any blood thinner or anti-inflammatories eg: Advil, Aleve, Motrin, and or Naproxen for 10 days. You will need to avoid wearing make up on the day of the procedure and for 48hrs thereafter.

At Revive Medical Spa, we use a strong medical grade topical numbing cream that makes the whole experience very tolerable and comfortable.
After the Vampire Facial ®, you can expect mild redness for your face for about 24-48 hrs.

We will recommend the right skincare products to use at home which will help with any downtime or discomfort after the procedure.
Our clients usually start to feel the tightness on their skin shortly after the procedure. The PRP injection stimulates collagen and elastin and new blood vessels, that usually takes 1-3 months to be formed.

Having that said, you will see continuous improvement from the time you get the Vampire Facial ® done and going forward with the maximum results seen at 1-3 months after procedure.

Like any other conditions in our bodies, maintenance is the key to keep your new collagen and elastin.

We recommend a series of 3 sessions 4-6 weeks apart to maintain results and to continue to see your glowing, shinny and healthy looking skin, we recommend a session every 3-6 months as a maintenance after you finish your original 3 sessions.


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